Partners and Agents
Today, a common goal of all organizationsare to build goodwill and loyalty by touching their respective constituents in a positive way, each and every day.
  • Businesses/For Profit Enterprises
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Associations
  • Religious Organizations
  • Schools and Universities
AMG offers Loyalty Programs that not only enhance the relationship between an organization and its members/employees/customers/congregants or alumni, but also provide the organization with substantial revenue-raising opportunities, as well.
Our programs are simple. We present customized turnkey marketing services that offer program participants deeply discounted long distance telephone services, while the sponsoring organization earns ongoing royalty revenue based on program volume.
  • A University offering alumni the finest low-rate long distance program available today, as another alumni benefit, while informing them that a portion of all volume generated by the program, each and every month, goes back to the University to fund scholarships, expansion, alumni programs, etc.
  • A major insurance company offering this extraordinary program to all its employees and policyholders as an additional "Company Benefit", with a portion of each month's volume used to fund charitable giving programs.
  • A Church or Synagogue making the program available to all congregants with their knowledge that a portion of each month's volume will be used to help their house of worship increase its' education programs, fund renovation, or help the less fortunate.
  • A radio and TV station using available advertising time to offer the program to its listeners/viewers and generating additional ad revenue from the program's success.
  • A charitable foundation offering this extraordinary program to its list of supporters as a way of saying "Thanks", while raising additional revenue to fund its worthy programs.
Let AMG show you how one of its Mutual Benefit Loyalty Programs can start helping you raise funds while building loyalty and goodwill with your members, employees, customers, congregants or alumni, by offering them a true benefit that saves them money every day.

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