About Us
AMG is a successful and well respected provider of telecom services, with a focus on small and mid-sized companies. We have earned our sterling reputation by consistently providing our clients with the best rates and customer service in the industry.
As a vendor neutral agent representing many of the largest and most successful international telecommunications providers, AMG is able to match the best and most cost effective service provider for each aspect of every client's telecommunications needs.
We do this by first talking with you, and learning how you use voice and data services in your business. We then use our expertise to analyze your telecom requirements, evaluate alternatives, and offer cost effective solutions custom tailored to your unique business and budgetary needs. As a result, our clients have experienced improved service while achieving telecom cost reductions of between 30% and 40%.
And we do even more:
  • We take responsibility for the provisioning process so your service is delivered and activated on a timely bases.
  • We coordinate date, time and technical information directly with your PBX vendor; and we work directly with the vendor(s) of your choice to effectuate a seamless transition.
And after the sale is completed and the service activated, we continue to stay connected and involved. If any service or billing problems arise, just call us and we'll make sure the item gets resolved in a timely and professional way. Further, we keep abreast of the latest telecom offerings (including price reductions and technological improvements), and make sure that you quickly become aware of them, as well. In short, it is our strong belief that our clients deserve the same quality of customer service that we want from others. And we work very hard to achieve this goal.
In line with our tradition of continuously adding value to our client services, AMG is proud to offer the lowest cost, highest quality Residential/Small Business Long Distance Program available today. Initially thought of as a way to both reduce our clients' off-site salesperson telecom costs, and to say "Thank You" to our clients' employees, the program quickly became a runaway success on its own. To learn more about how this extraordinary service can save you money, go to the "Products" page and click on the "Featured Special". You'll be glad you did.